Illinois engineer continues to make waves in water desalination

For the past several years, assistant professor Kyle Smith has proven his growing expertise in the field of water desalination, with a range of research results that could address the immediate need to combat diminishing clean water sources around the world.  Now, with a new publication and new research project funded by the National Science Foundation, he continues to build on his highly praised work to develop new methods of deionizing saltwater.

Read the entire press release from UIUC’s Mechanical Science and Engineering department here.

Analysis of Redox Flow Batteries Could Enhance Battery Lifetime for Grid Energy Storage

An article by Prof. Smith and his PhD student Pavan Nemani was recently published that analyzes the transport phenomena and kinetics that ultimately determine the lifetime of redox flow batteries, a promising energy storage technology for the electric grid.  Download the Journal of the Electrochemical Society open-access article here for free.